About Us



The joy a thoughtful gift brings is unmatched, yet the quest for perfection often proves challenging. It was back in 2017, when Yuko was on an endless search for a special present, that she found herself stuck at a crossroads. In a sea of generic greeting cards and standard gifts, there was nothing that truly captured her feelings, nothing that was from the heart.


Refusing to concede to the ordinary, she aspired for a gift that would transcend the fleeting joy of unwrapping, one that would etch lasting smiles. In this pursuit, she realized that true perfection required a personal touch. Thus, Tailor my Gift emerged.


From then on, and for over six years, our team, currently based in Japan, has dedicated itself to crafting tokens of love and celebration. We pride ourselves on creating gifts that radiate genuine warmth, standing distinct from the generic offerings of the market.




Life's enchanting moments serve as the muse for our team. We've transformed myriad dreams into tangible treasures, ranging from custom-made baby apparel to intricately engraved family heirlooms.


Partnering with leading brands, we infuse a touch of humanity into their identity. Our bespoke corporate offerings not only enhance brand recall but also foster enduring bonds with customers and stakeholders.




Our mission is to streamline your gifting journey, helping you articulate your sentiments flawlessly. We've refined the online customization experience, backed by an intuitive platform and a team brimming with expertise and passion.




Years have been invested in mastering the art of gift personalization. At our essence, we aim to commemorate life's milestones in the most poignant manner. We staunchly believe that tailor-made gifts possess the power to evoke emotions and forge unforgettable memories. As we stand today, our dedication to innovation, authenticity, and meticulous craftsmanship remains unwavering. Our sincere hope is that our creations resonate with you, as profoundly as our passion for crafting them.


Warm regards,

Tailor my Gift Team