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925 Silver Chinese Longevity Lock with Blue Gem & Zirconia - Blessing Necklace

925 Silver Chinese Longevity Lock with Blue Gem & Zirconia - Blessing Necklace

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Product Description:

Key Points:

  1. Traditional Longevity Lock Design: This 925 silver necklace showcases the charm of Chinese culture with its traditional Longevity Lock pendant. Adorned with a delightful small bell, the Longevity Lock pendant features an auspicious cloud motif and is adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia, creating a shimmering and lively appearance.
  2. Crystal Harmony: The centerpiece of the pendant is a pure blue crystal gemstone that exhibits different shades of radiance when viewed from various angles. Known for its powerful energy, the crystal is believed to purify and bless one's health, promoting inner peace and tranquility.
  3. Perfect Gift Choice: This silver necklace is an ideal gift for its symbolic meaning and positive attributes. With its cultural significance, sparkling beauty, and positive energy, it is a thoughtful present to convey well-wishes, blessings, and good health to loved ones.

Product Brief: Embrace the rich heritage of Chinese culture with our exquisite Longevity Lock Silver Necklace. Made from premium 925 silver, this necklace showcases a meticulously crafted pendant in the shape of a traditional Longevity Lock. Hanging below is a delightful small bell that adds a touch of playfulness. The Longevity Lock pendant features an intricately designed cloud motif, symbolizing good fortune and auspiciousness. It is adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and adding a touch of brilliance. At the heart of the pendant lies a pure blue crystal gemstone that captivates with its captivating radiance. This exquisite gemstone exhibits different shades of luster when viewed from different angles, showcasing its unique beauty. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the crystal is believed to possess powerful metaphysical properties. It is associated with purity, harmony, and well-being, believed to cleanse the spirit and bestow blessings of good health and inner calmness. This Longevity Lock Silver Necklace serves as a perfect gift choice for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, or to express wishes of longevity and prosperity. It comes with a complete set of exquisite packaging, including a delicate silk ribbon, a jewelry box, a gift bag, a PU leather jewelry pouch for safekeeping, and a silver cleaning cloth to maintain its radiant shine. Present this elegant and meaningful necklace to someone special, allowing them to embrace the beauty of Chinese culture, while bestowing them with positive energy, good health, and inner harmony.


Colour: platinum
Material: Zirconia Inlays, 92.5% sterling silver
Length: 40.5cm(15.94 inches) + 5.0cm(1.97 inches) extended chain

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