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Newborn Welcome Set: Glitter Cloth Bronzing Ribbons for Mummy to Be & Dad to Be

Newborn Welcome Set: Glitter Cloth Bronzing Ribbons for Mummy to Be & Dad to Be

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  1. Celebratory Duo Set: Comes with both 'Mummy to Be' and 'Dad to Be' ribbons for an inclusive celebration.
  2. Premium Material & Design: Crafted from glitter cloth with bronzing finish for a luxurious feel.
  3. Perfect for Various Events: Suitable for welcoming newborns, baby showers, and surprise pregnancy announcements.

Product Overview:

Every parent-to-be deserves to feel celebrated, and our Mummy and Dad to Be Ribbon Set ensures just that. Whether you're hosting a grand baby shower or an intimate family gathering, these ribbons set the tone for a joyous occasion.

Each ribbon is thoughtfully crafted from glitter cloth, topped off with a bronzing finish, making them shimmer and stand out. Not only do they look fabulous, but they also feel premium. The sturdy yet gentle material ensures they sit comfortably, making them perfect for long hours of celebration.

What's unique about this set is its inclusivity. By celebrating both parents-to-be, you're making sure no one's left out, and every moment is captured beautifully. The ribbons serve as a beautiful memento of the joyous time leading up to the birth of the little one.

Let every moment leading up to the birth of your bundle of joy be memorable. Adorn the proud parents-to-be with our meticulously designed ribbons and watch as the room fills with smiles, love, and anticipation for the arrival of the newest family member.


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