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12Pcs Mini First Communion Favor: Silver Sacrament, Baptism & Christening Table Decor

12Pcs Mini First Communion Favor: Silver Sacrament, Baptism & Christening Table Decor

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  1. Sacred Symbolism: Silver-toned sacrament pieces to honor the sanctity of the occasion.
  2. Perfect Event Decor: Sized at 42 x 68mm, these mini favors fit seamlessly into any table setting for baptisms or christenings.
  3. Bulk Pack Convenience: Available in sets of 12, ensuring that every guest can receive a token of the day's significance.

Product Overview:

Commemorate the sacred rites of baptism, christening, or first communion with these beautifully crafted silver sacrament favors. Each piece, meticulously designed, is a poignant symbol of faith, love, and the promise of spiritual growth.

Coming in a set of 12, these mini sacrament pieces, sized at 42 x 68mm, are versatile enough to be used as part of a table centerpiece, scattered as decor, or even given to attendees as keepsakes. Their lustrous silver tone adds a touch of elegance to your event, mirroring the purity and significance of the sacraments being celebrated.

As guests gaze upon these favors, they'll be reminded of the spiritual journey undertaken and the communal support accompanying the individual on this path. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they serve as timeless reminders of a day filled with faith, hope, and communal love.

Whether it's a christening, baptism, or first communion, these sacrament favors are not merely decorations but treasured mementos of a pivotal day in one's spiritual journey. Elevate your celebration with these tokens and let every moment be etched in the hearts of all present.


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