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Wooden Discs: Mummy & Daddy To Be Tags, Baby Shower Decor & Gift.

Wooden Discs: Mummy & Daddy To Be Tags, Baby Shower Decor & Gift.

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  1. Natural Aesthetics: Made from real wood, offering an authentic rustic appeal.
  2. Dual Package: Both 'Mummy To Be' and 'Daddy To Be' discs included, celebrating both parents.
  3. Perfect for Celebrations: A fitting accessory for baby showers and gender reveal parties.

Product Overview:

Step up your celebration game with these authentic wooden discs, designed specifically to honor and celebrate the journey of both soon-to-be parents. A blend of rustic charm and contemporary design, this set serves as a symbol of the beautiful journey ahead.

Crafted with precision, each disc possesses natural wood grains, making every piece unique. The neat and legible engraving ensures that the titles 'Mummy To Be' and 'Daddy To Be' stand out, making them perfect photo props or decorative pieces.

Whether you're planning an intimate baby shower or a grand gender reveal party, these wooden discs seamlessly integrate into any décor style, adding a touch of nature-inspired beauty. They serve not just as party accessories but also as cherished keepsakes that can be handed down or used in baby albums or memory boxes.

Gift them to the expecting parents or use them in your own celebration, and let these little wooden wonders make your day even more special. Celebrate the journey, cherish the moments, and let these discs be a tangible reminder of the love and excitement that fills the air.





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