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5Pcs Easter Bunny Egg Name Cards: Custom Laser Cut Tags & Ornament.

5Pcs Easter Bunny Egg Name Cards: Custom Laser Cut Tags & Ornament.

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  1. Unique Easter Design: Laser-cut precision featuring adorable Easter bunny and egg motifs.

  2. Customization At Its Best: Personalized name place cards tailored to fit your guest list for that added touch of intimacy.

  3. Versatile Decorative Element: Perfect for Easter celebrations, doubling as table tags and festive ornaments.

Product Overview:

Make your Easter celebration an affair to remember with our beautifully designed Personalized Easter Bunny Egg Name Place Cards. Expertly crafted, each piece effortlessly marries tradition with modern design aesthetics, ensuring your event is both memorable and aesthetically pleasing.

Created with laser-cut precision, the designs capture the essence of Easter with delightful bunny and egg motifs. But what sets them apart is the personal touch – every name place card is meticulously tailored to represent each of your guests, making them feel particularly special.

These aren’t just place cards; they’re decorative elements in their own right. Seamlessly integrating with your Easter table settings, they can also be used as delightful tags or ornaments, adding that festive sparkle to your décor. Whether you're hosting an intimate family gathering or a larger festive celebration, these personalized place cards ensure every guest finds their special spot at the table.

In essence, these are more than just name cards. They’re keepsakes, reminding guests of the joyous Easter celebrations and the warmth of your hospitality. Add a touch of personalization and festive charm to your celebrations, ensuring your Easter is unforgettable.


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